Sheds & Storage

Our range of sheds & storage has been perfectly designed to offer you a high quality, well built storage solution with simple assembly and modern design. It’s the only way to keep your garden maintenance equipment secure, protected & organised.

Tool Hanger Tool Hanger

Price: £24.00

Shelf Rail Shelf Rail

From £28.00 to £42.00

Small Tool Holder Small Tool Holder

Price: £33.00

Lid Storage Net Lid Storage Net

Price: £35.00

BikeMax BikeMax

From £38.00 to £70.00

Shelves Shelves

From £44.00 to £70.00

Rain Water Pipe Rain Water Pipe

From £60.00 to £105.00

Ramp Ramp

Price: £80.00

Folding Table Folding Table

Price: £105.00

Back Wall Back Wall

From £120.00 to £150.00

Floor Frame Floor Frame

From £125.00 to £225.00

Floor Panel Floor Panel

From £130.00 to £200.00

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