29 Mar

Barbecue hotplates and griddles are available as optional extras and ideal for extending your BBQ’s culinary possibilities

29 March 2011

You can choose from our cast iron hotplates for Redfyre 14 and 25 gas bbqs, or an enamelled hotplate and a cast iron BBQ griddle for Redfyre 11 and 12. They are great for cooking anything fragile that might otherwise come apart on your BBQ grill and fall into the flames. The even heating temperature of a griddle allows for better presentation and consistent quality of your BBQ food.

So, why not turn your barbecue into a true outdoor kitchen and you will soon be the envy of friends and family alike! Be adventurous and don’t limit yourself to burgers, sausages, steaks or other traditional BBQ fare. You can still get the same deep smokey barbecue flavours and cook just about anything on your gas BBQ by using a griddle or hotplate.

You can use your BBQ griddle or hotplate to cook tasty trout and delicate shell fish dishes. Or, if you feel like something a little bit different, invite friends and family over for a Japanese Teppanyaki barbeque, which is a fun idea for a BBQ party. Cut your favourite fish, meat or vegetables into bite-sized pieces. Then, cook them on the BBQ hotplate, dip them in Yakiniku or ginger sauce and eat straight away.

Alternatively, use the hotplate to cook up caramelised barbecue onions or tender asparagus, cheery tomatoes and stir frys, omelettes, pancakes, bacon or enchiladas with no fear of them disintegrating or falling into the BBQ’s flames.

BBQ hotplates, griddles and mesh holders are also perfect for cooking fish, satay kebabs, Chinese ribs or any other sticky food that may break apart on your BBQ when turning. They are easy to clean as well, as your BBQ hotplate, griddle or mesh holder can simply be removed, washed and rubbed with vegetable oil for next time as soon as your barbecue is finished!

Food always tastes better when it’s cooked outside. Cook up a lazy weekend breakfast or brunch outdoors on the griddle or hotplate on your gas barbecue? Cooking on a bbq griddle or hotplate is healthier too, as you need much less oil on a bbq griddle or hotplate than you would use in a frying pan. Keep the kitchen clean and free from lingering odours and have more time to read the papers or spend time relaxing with the ones you love!


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